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Why another site for fiber arts?  We have a passion for supporting the shepherds/shepherdesses, indie businesses, guilds, and anyone sourcing the best products available. As a fleece sourcing company we  are frequently asked questions about where to find fleeces of a particular breed, where and how to find suppliers and processors, and how to market these items. We wanted a simple one stop site that is easy to navigate, has straightforward listings, and is easy and secure.

Whether you are a buyer or seller we want this to be an easy and secure site where you can return time and again. We will use your feedback to grow and change as needed in this online marketplace. We all enjoy many wonderful social media sites for fiber artists; what we felt was lacking was a specific secure, searchable, focused site for buying and selling the products you want.

We promote a friendly, honest, open, and fair marketplace. All sales are between buyer and seller and any concerns, problems, returns, or refunds will be worked out between you. We reserve the right to remove anyone from the site for disruptive, disrespectful, or dishonest behavior. Please see our terms and conditions for full disclosure.

Have a great Fiber Arts Day!