Why start a new website when we have so many great places already? After many years of watching the interest in and growth of the Fiber Arts we found that there is still a disconnect between the producers of fiber and fiber related products and the people who want them.

I have spent years traveling to livestock shows, fiber festivals, farms, and backyards meeting the wonderful women and men who grow and produce the amazing fleeces and fibers we want from around the world. I meet artisans, farmers, backyard enthusiasts, beginners and long-timers who all want to share their fiber products with the with everyone. What has been missing is a direct, simple, secure way to buy and sell.

For years I have purchased fleeces and brought them home to sell, process, use as teaching materials, and generally love. It frustrated me that so many producers of these fine fleeces did not have a simple searchable platform for their fiber and at the same time many fiber artists were asking me to source specific species, breeds, colors, and other characteristics. So I began looking for a platform that will be simple, specific, searchable,  and useful for both buyers and sellers; after a few trials and errors this seems to be a good solution. We are open to any suggestions or ideas you have for improving this site.

Whether you are a buyer or seller we want this to be an easy and secure site where you can return time and again. We will use your feedback to grow and change as needed in this online marketplace.

We promote a friendly, honest, open, and fair marketplace. All sales are between buyer and seller and any concerns, problems, returns, or refunds will be worked out between you. We reserve the right to remove anyone from the site for disruptive, disrespectful, or dishonest behavior. Please see our terms and conditions for full disclosure.

Have a great Fiber Arts Day!