Due to the cancellations of festivals and fairs Fiber Artist Market will be free to vendors until further notice. We intend to keep the site free from signup, commission, subscription costs until fall shearing is over. This site supports producers of fiber from animal or plant, farm related products, independent fiber artists, and related products. We will strictly enforce and remove any spam products. We appreciate voluntary donation from sales of 1 – 10% to help with upkeep of the site. Thank you. Your online fiber festival. FAQ’s for Fiber Artist Market:

  1. Why did you go to a free format? a. When COVID 19 hit the United States and fiber festivals and venues began to close we were quickly able to decide to go completely free until 9/30/2020. Our primary goal is to support the fiber producers, FFA/4H students, and independent fiber artists. We are committed to and funded for this free format until 9/30/2020 barring unforeseen circumstances. b. There are no “hidden” fees, dues, or costs. Vendors will be paid exactly what they charge the buyer minus any processing fees by the secure payment pathways. Vendors/buyers are responsible for shipping costs, refunds, and communication.
  2. What is your funding source? a. We are self-funded by a small group of fiber fanatics who founded Fiber Artist Market LLC. b. We have no industry support, no government funding or moneys, no bail out funds, no grants or loans. We all have day jobs and are supporting the site out of our own pockets.
  3. If I sign up as a vendor am I committed to anything? a. No. You can sign up and leave anytime you wish. You can open your store or shutter it whenever you please. For many farmers being open only at shearing time is the best option, for some independent artists the holidays are their open time, for others year-round sales is best. We can accommodate what you need.
  4. What will happen in September 2020? a. Well a lot depends on what happens in our country between now and then; however, our goal is to be able to go back to our original plan. We want to be a reasonably priced alternative to the mega online marketplaces; and to focus on fiber producers and fiber arts. b. Our financial goals are to pay back the founding members for the startup and running costs to date. Once we have met this goal, we would like to be able to fund grants and scholarships to FFA/4H students for fiber animal projects, internships, herd management, and other projects. We would like to be able to support and collaborate with the Fibershed movement throughout the country. Beyond that we just have more “big dreams”.
  5. Why should I sign up as a vendor? a. We support “direct trade” with fiber producers and independent fiber artists with minimal costs to you. We believe that the more outlets you have for your fiber products the better. We encourage you to sign up on all possible marketplaces, online auctions, and any outlets that work for your business. We all need to work together to help each other survive these challenging times.
  6. Will there be support when I need it? a. We will make every effort to get back to you with any support you need or questions you have within a few hours. Because we work full time jobs, have fiber animals/projects, families, and no money for a support team it might take 24 hours, but we promise we will help you with what you need as quickly as possible.


Our mission is to promote the sale of raw, processed fiber, and fiber products to consumers in a safe, secure online marketplace. This multivendor marketplace is a storefront for anyone wanting to sell their fiber, fiber producing animals, related farm products, or small batch independent fiber processors and artists under their own brand.

We support the sale of items that assist in the production or processing of fiber; from raw fiber to finished product. This includes but is not limited to: livestock, farm equipment, fleeces, processed fiber, shearers, mills, small batch processors (micro mills), carders, pickers, spinning wheels/spindles, looms and accessories, dyes and equipment, felting and equipment, finished products from hand producers.

We actively support FFA, 4H, and Agricultural students in the pursuit of education, breeding/raising fiber animals, showing animals, and selling their products with an adult sponsor. We are affiliate members or sponsors with the following organizations: FFA, 4H, Inland Empire Fibershed SoCal@2015, Livestock Conservancy, Shave ‘em to Save ‘em, and NCWGA. All sales are between seller and buyer and Fiber Artist Market LLC acts as a third party pass-through for secure transactions, marketing, SEO, and support. The online storefront is maintained by the store owner and products are listed by the store owner. The full terms and conditions are linked at the bottom of the website.


Many small businesses have their own websites or stores on other marketplaces. Frustrated by the online mass markets and the ever-changing costs, we opened Fiber Artist Market as an alternative to the large marketplaces to focus on the fiber marketplace. We started with the marketing of our local FFA/4H fleeces and then had several farmers and makers ask us to include them.

There has never been a better time for the fiber market; the rise of fiber sheds, Livestock Conservancy, Shave em to Save em, breed studies, and resurgence of interest in the fiber arts has led to a great international market for all of us, if we can just reach the right audience. This is our opportunity to build a marketplace that works for everyone while supporting small business and local movements as well as sharing across cultures.

The marketplace allows you to build a store with your own brand name and sell directly to your customers. Your storefront can complement your existing website or be in place of an expensive and time-consuming website; helping you expand your exposure and customer base. Either way you win by having a broader market for your products. We manage the safe secure transaction site and marketing so you can concentrate on your priorities.

Fiber Artist Market LLC provides: direct marketing to your target market, advertising (SEO) of your store on your behalf, international exposure of your products, support for your store while you go about your daily business, and keeps you up to date on new trends and marketing strategies, Sale of individual fleeces, clips, pools, and development of CSA’s is encouraged. Fleeces may be raw, scoured, washed, picked, carded, combed or otherwise processed but be sure your buyers know what they are going to receive. Mills are welcome to open both for advertising their services and for posting processed products. Products such as roving, batts, yarn natural or dyed are welcome. Finished products from individuals, guilds, or groups are welcome under the “finished for you” category.

All items used in processing and producing fiber related projects are in the appropriate categories. If there are any questions about an item you wish to sell please feel free to ask and we will get right back to you. If there are categories missing we can add them as needed.

AFFILIATIONS: National FFA, 4 H, Livestock Conservancy, “Shave ‘em to Save ‘em”, National Colored Wool Growers.