Guilds and Groups

We are dedicated at Fiber Artist Market to supporting our guilds, Future Farmers of America (FFA), 4H, and other groups. We encourage you to join as a group and use the marketplace to source and to sell products. We offer discounts to our FFA and 4H member groups so you can explore how to make your husbandry projects profitable.

All groups are welcome but we will need an adult (over 18) sponsor to set up and manage your store. We have several FFA and 4H groups who are raising sheep, alpaca, rabbits, llama, or other fiber producers and are anxious to open up their sales opportunities. We want this to be a learning opportunity for everyone and offer some educational, marketing, and sales tips for new growers. As you see on the site you can sell individual items or possibly find someone interested in your herd clip or even do a pool with others in your area for a larger volume sale.

We want this to be a safe and friendly place for everyone to learn and grow.

There are many spinning, weaving, art guilds out there who have asked how they can participate and this is your opportunity to buy and sell as a guild member. Just sign up as a guild and you are on your way!

Thank you.


Guilds are a historic association of artisans or merchants who practice their craft in a particular town or area. There are thousands of guilds throughout the world dedicated to the many aspects of our craft. Whether you are a guild or a group we welcome you. If you would like to be listed please submit your name, address, and contact our website. We will develop a list of these so that new members can find you in your community.

We are especially happy to welcome 4H and FFA groups who are raising fiber animals and looking for a sales outlet for their fleeces. Because our secure site does not allow listing by people under age 18 you will need an adult sponsor. Please let us offer you a special group rate for posting your fleeces. We support young farmers around the world!