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Handwoven Alpaca Rugs. Approx 24 1/2″ x 33 – 35″ Handwoven Huacaya &/or Suri Alpaca Rugs using Core Spun Alpaca Yarn & White Cotton Warp. These are very Soft & Cushy Rugs! Warm on Your Feet & Plenty of Cush for Your Toes! Luxurious! Alpaca is Naturally Hypo-Allergenic. This would make a Great Rug for in Front of Your Favorite Chair or the Side of Your Bed, or even in Your Office!!! Great Gift for that Special Occasion!!!! These Rugs were Hand Woven & just off the Loom! Three Choices: (1) All White 24 1/2″ x 35″ + fringe, (2) White with Fawn (Tan) Stripe on each end 24 1/2″ x 35″ + fringe, & (3) White to Gray to Charcoal to Bay Black Gradient Rug 24 1/2″ x 33″!!! Spot Clean Only.  FREE SHIPPING!  


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Alpaca fiber is a natural renewable fiber with a wide range of applications. It is classified as an animal protein fiber like sheep’s wool, mohair, cashmere, llama, camel, and yak. There are, however, special characteristics in alpaca fiber that set it apart from all the other animal protein fibers.

At the microscopic level, all animal protein fiber has scales around the shaft of the individual fibers. Alpaca fiber scales are at a lower angle from the main shaft, which reduces the prickle or itchy feel often encountered with sheep wool. The individual fiber diameter of alpaca ranges from 15 – 36 microns depending on the grade of fiber. When properly sorted, alpaca can feel softer than other animal protein fibers of the same grade because of the uniformity of micron and the lower scale structure.

Alpaca fiber comes in two types, Huacaya and Suri. There are differences in the two: Huacaya fiber has crimpy waves and grows in bundles, while Suri fiber is straight and grows in locks. Huacaya reflects light as brightness, Suri reflects light as luster.

Intrinsic Characteristics of Alpaca Fiber. 

  • Alpaca is flame resistant.
  • Alpaca can slowly wick away perspiration.
  • Alpaca is water resistant, making spills easy to clean up before water saturates the fiber allowing stains to develop. It is also resists oils, meaning that the oils do not penetrate the fibers, but merely cling to the fiber for easy cleaning without harsh chemicals.
  • Alpaca is free of lanolin, and thus can be processed without the need for high temperatures or harsh chemicals in washing. The lack of lanolin also minimizes the likelihood of allergic reactions to those who are sensitive to wool, which contains lanolin.
  • While the type of fabric dictates the level of thermal insulating properties, alpaca fiber has a high natural thermal conductivity level, but also can “breathe” due to its lighter weight by volume.

Additional information

Weight 5 lbs
Handwoven Rugs

Bay Black to White, White with Fawn (Tan) Stripes, All White


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