Prime Alpaca, Merino and Silk Blend Fiber Batt from True Black Mila, Multi- Color Perfect for Spinning, Felting, or Weaving


Weight: 2.9 oz.
Fiber Content: Approximately 50% Alpaca/49% Merino, 1% Silk
Garment/Yarn Care Instructions: hand wash gently in warm water and mild soap, rinse, lay flat to air
dry. May also be dry cleaned. Treat as you would any fine wool garment.

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Hello and welcome to Hillside Haven Fiber Arts! We’re delighted to present our premium True Black and multi-color Prime Alpaca, Merino and Silk Fiber Batt for all your spinning, weaving or felting needs. I started with Mila’s True Black fleece and added turquoise merino with sparkly angelina, then I tossed in some baby blue and dark teal merino with gold Firestar and finished up with some luscious silks in fuchsia, dark teal, chartreuse green and a bit of yellow for pop. Colors run throughout the batt in layers.

This exquisite batt is carefully carded from the finest fibers using our own alpaca on our farm in Washington, ensuring a soft, fluffy and luxurious texture. Whether you’re a seasoned spinner looking for the perfect fiber to create your own unique yarn, or an avid felter or weaver ready to bring your imaginative designs to life, our black and multi-colored prime alpaca, merino and silk fiber batt is a must-have addition to your creative arsenal. Indulge in the gentle touch of this lovely blend of luxury fibers and let your imagination soar!

I photograph in natural light whenever I can to portray color as close as possible but be aware that different monitors may not display color the same. My studio is in a smoke-free and dog friendly home.

Please message me with questions prior to purchase. I’m happy to help!

Additional information

Weight .25 lbs
Dimensions 13 × 9 × 3 in


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