Annabelle’s Mercorn Color Collection ***Limited Edition***


A collection of dyed roving


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Inspired by the imagination of a very silly six year old, this “Mercorn” color collection is extremely limited – one fleece; one dye lot.  According to my niece, a Mercorn is a Unicorn Mermaid – she drew me a picture so I could see what they look like AND apparently they are very colorful creatures (in a pastel kind of way).

The fleece I selected for this color collection came from a Scottish Blackface X ewe.  As such, this is a coarser fleece that is not suited for next to skin wear AND you will find some hair in the fleece as well (Scottish Blackface sheep have double coated fleeces).

You can create a mercorn with this color collection (instructions NOT included – this is just a color collection NOT a kit) or use the colors to bring to life creatures from your own imagination or to add spring colors to your projects.

Each Color Collection will include:
~approx. 1oz lemon yellow roving
~approx. 1 oz yellow roving
~approx. 1 oz apricot roving
~approx. 1 oz purple roving
~approx. 1 oz pink roving
~approx. 1 oz white (undyed) roving
~approx. 2 g pink locks

The Roving Color ONLY collection includes:
~approx. 1oz lemon yellow roving
~approx. 1 oz yellow roving
~approx. 1 oz apricot roving
~approx. 1 oz purple roving
~approx. 1 oz pink roving

The dyeing process used for this roving created a variety of shades in each braid – this will allow you to add shades and dimension to whatever your project.  Each braid of color will be different.

This is a natural product – it will contain some VM.  Unfortunately, this particular lot contains more VM than I would like – – I am working on solutions, but in the meanwhile, I am going to have to talk to our sheep about proper table manners 🙂

Also, you may find flecks of green in some of the colors – easy to remove, but apparently our marking crayons don’t fully scour out.

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