Arwen’s Angora Rabbit Wool


Angora Rabbit Wool, beautifully harvested from a gorgeous bunny named Arwen!

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I have beautiful 1 ounce bags of this beautiful wool! This is raw, clean angora rabbit wool. So many uses for this!

Here’s what you should know about angora and what my Angora wool producer said:

“Congratulations! You have just purchased some of the finest fiber in the world! Seven times warmer than sheep’s wool and three times softer than cashmere, angora is a luxury fiber produced by centuries of careful breeding.

This particular fiber means more than exceptional quality alone, it is also 100% organically grown. Our pure bred French Angoras are loving life in the heart of the beautiful, Virginia, Shenandoah Valley. These cherished animals are housed at night for safety, but free range daily in the sunny pastures surrounding our farm.

Enjoy crafting this fiber into your own unique work of art!”

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  • Oklahoma Mini Mill
  • Vendor: Oklahoma Mini Mill
  • Address: 1324 N Wentz St
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    Guthrie, OK 73044

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