Bean Bag Pals


Bean bag toys made with 100% Nevada-Grown wool


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These super-fun, adorable beanbag pals are created from yarn that was spun/dyed during demonstrative events such as farmer’s markets and Ag in the Classroom.  The nature of these events means that these yarns are generally unique coming from different lots of fiber and often have significant variance as I stop and start. when I demonstrate dyeing, I use very small amounts of wool.  So rather than let these tiny, unique lengths of yarn go to waste, I use them to create these fun creatures. Since I am working with such unique lengths of yarn, I don’t usually use patterns to create the animals, but rather let the stitches fit the yarn. So each little critter is unique and one-of-a-kind (watch for updates to this listing – you never know when new pals will join their friends).

The process and supplies for creating these animals is limited – so I usually reserve these animals for sale at in-person events – it is so much more fun to watch the process of creating and then be able to purchase a fun animal which is the direct result of those creations. However, since my life and business are currently in-flux and I am not sure when my next in-person event will be, I am making them available to you online now – just in time for Christmas stocking stuffers.

Each animal is created from 100% Nevada-grown wool, processed and created in Nevada. (They will ship from FL). Real beans as filling add weight for stability in shelf-sitting or bean-bag tossing games. Size will vary by animal, yarn used, etc. but they generally fall into a 3-4″ range – a nice size for handling/tossing. When one of these pals has eyes, plastic safety eyes are used. However, because of the beans and the eyes, they are not recommended for use by children under the age of 3.

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Weight .25 lbs
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Jellyfish, narwhal, Octopus, Gold Sea Turtle, Maroon Sea Turtle, Multi-Color Owl, Dk Red Owl with Blue Wings


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