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This corespun rug yarn is made with 100% Nevada-grown wool spun around a thick cotton core.

These are the first batches of yarn off my Davis & Furber carding machine and as such, they are not quite what they should be – I need to practice a bit more and refine some techniques.

The Multicolor yarn is made with undyed, white wool and small amounts of colorful dyed wool to create a colorful yarn that reminds me of cotton candy. Overall it turned out pretty well, though there is more variance in the thickness than I had intended. It is moderately to lightly twisted so it is soft and lofty. The last yarn or so is super-lightly twisted because I was running out of wool on the machine. 50yds. 15oz.

The large bump of white, undyed wool was the first batch spun using my Davis and Furber machine. Overall it turned out very well – though there is some variety in the twist as I was experimenting to see what worked best and what effects we could get. AND at about the 80 yd mark, I decided to take a video of my machines in action… and in so doing, I ran out of wool on the very short infeed belt – so there is a very thin place in this yarn as well. 100 yds. 1lb 12oz.


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Natural/Undyed, Multicolor


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  • Snowy Nevada Woolery
  • Vendor: Jessica Boyer
  • Address: 6202 E Shore Dr
    Pensacola, FL 32505

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