Dum Dum Warriors


Adorably sweet tiny warriors


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Each warrior is hand-crocheted with left-over bits of yarn and no two are exactly alike. Because of the various kinds of yarn used, their sitting height will vary, but most will be between 2.5″ & 3.75″. While most often they will be created using acrylic yarn, they are made with scraps of yarn that would otherwise have been discarded – they may contain yarns with other fiber content as well. Their bodies are filled with beans to add stability and weight to the toy and their heads are stuffed with polyester fiberfill.

***small parts – not intended for use by children under the age of 3***

Dum Dum Warriors: Standard Edition

These adorable li’l Dum Dum Warriors have discovered the perfect sparring weapon: Dum Dum candy suckers 🙂 Each warrior comes with a removable candy sucker – if the candy “disappears,” just place another one in the small holes in each hand – pose as desired.

Dum Dum Warriors: Elite Editions: Ninja

Each of these Elite Edition Ninjas sports knee pads and an eye mask (not removable – no tiny parts to lose).

Each Ninja is unique and is armed and ready for battle!

Dum Dum Warriors: Elite Editions: Samurai

These Dum Dum Warriors are members of an Elite group: Samurai. DumDum candy suckers prove an apt weapon in warfare – these li’l Samurai are up to the task to defeat the ninja (or are they? who will win in your battles?) 🙂

Dum Dum Warriors: Elite Editions: Warrior Princess

These Dum Dum Warriors are members of an Elite group: Warrior Princesses. Not only do they excel in dum dum fighting techniques, they look perfectly adorable while so doing.


Additional information

Weight .25 lbs
Warrior Type/Color

Ninja: Red&Black, Ninja: Pink, Ninja: Pink&Purple, Ninja: Multi-colored, Samurai: Green, Samurai: Lt.Blue, WarriorPrincess: Blue&Yello, WarriorPrincess:Pink&Blue, Standard: Purple, Standard: Lt.Blue, Standard:Blue&Gray, Standard:Blue&Multicolor, Princess:Pink,Purple,Peach


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