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These colorful braids of roving are created with locally grown wool – I combined two fleeces from a flock of a rather eclectic flock of cross-breeds.  Most of the sheep in this flock a Montadale/Finnsheep X ewe in their ancestry, BUT there are other random (and some unknown) breeds in this flock as well.  The Finnsheep in these sheep softens and lengthens the wool.

It is not a super-fine wool and for many people may not be a next-to-skin sort of wool, it does have a nice hand and spins up well in a variety of weights of yarn.

I processed two fleeces together to create this quantity of wool – unfortunately, one of the fleeces had a break and/or fragile tips so some of the colors in this roving have quite a few “neps.”  Because of this, this particular lot of roving will not be ideal for spinning fine plies, BUT would still work well for felting and spinning thicker plies and/or art yarn.

Each braid is different – select and order the braid(s) you would like by the number in the photo.  All braids are 8oz, with the exception of Braid #1 which is only 6oz.

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