Experimental Corespun Knitting Yarn


Wool (Rambouillet) super-bulky corespun knitting yarn

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This yarn is the result of the beginning of an experiment to try to use my rug yarn machine to create a finer, knitting kind of yarn instead of the heavier rug yarn. I haven’t gotten quite where I want it to be and I have even changed machine gearing since spinning these up, so these 4 skeins are all there is of this approx. size/weight.

These skeins have a thick/thin quality which is expected and unavoidable in yarn created by this technique (since there is no intermediary step to even out the roving between carding and spinning). Instead of the much thicker core that is used to make rug yarns, I used a thin cotton thread which adds to its flexibility and usefulness for knitting as well as increases the percentage of wool to cotton in the final yarn.

100% Nevada-grown Rambouillet (from a ewe named Susie) 🙂

I knitted up a small sample of similar yarn in white (not included) so you can see what these skeins may look like when you knit them – I used size 10mm (US 15; UK000) needles to knit the sample.

There are four skeins included in this lot.
purple: approx. 21 yards
pink: approx. 23 yards
blue1: approx. 9 yards
blue2: approx. 15 yards

Approx. 68 yards total

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