Handmade 100% Wool Dryer Balls


Handmade 100% Nevada Grown Wool Dryer Balls


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These handmade, 100% Nevada-grown wool dryer balls are the perfect laundry solution!!! Reduce your costs by reducing (or even eliminating) your need for fabric softeners/dryer sheets AND reduce your energy consumption by shortening your drying time!

Approx. 3″ diameter. Because these are a handmade product made with natural fibers, there will be some variance in the balls – they may not be perfectly round or exactly the same size. Additionally, I often use wool remnants to create these balls to reduce mill waste – while most irregular wool/fibers/colors will be in the very center of the balls, occasionally you may notice non-white wool or misc fibers outside as well.

Sold in sets of two or three, each set comes in its own organza gift bag along with instructions for use and care which means they are not ONLY perfect for your laundry, but also for giving as gifts.

Wool is a very resilient, durable, long-lived fiber – as long as your dogs (or children) don’t run away with them, they should last for years to come. If they become dirty simply wash and dry them with a regular load of laundry and continue as before.

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