Mohair Rug Yarn, Natural Grey_Thick Core


Corespun Mohair Rug Yarn with a thick cotton core


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This corespun yarn is created with 100% natural gray Mohair fiber wrapped around a 100% cotton core (thick core). This yarn is spun directly from the carding machine without any intermediary steps to even out the fiber. Because of this, the yarn will always have thick-and-thin characteristics HOWEVER since this was the first batch of mohair I spun using this attachment and technique this was a learning process and it is WAY more uneven than it *should* be. So I am selling all of this below standard retail costs and some of it is discounted still further.  Since I need to move this inventory to make room for more inventory, if you order at least 3 skeins, they will be discounted still further (honestly, if you want to make a deal for the whole lot, please reach out – send me a message/email and lets talk 🙂 – a benefit of shopping small business).


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