Pink Brown & Maroon wool blend baby cardigan sweater


Hand made crochet baby cardigan sweater with ties and pom poms

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This cute little sweater is carefully hand-stitched with close attention to the details which will make it last. It is made with a commercially spun (not from my milk) wool blend yarn (20%wool, 80%acrylic) and while hand washing IS recommended for best results (especially for the sake of the pompoms, it CAN be machine washed if desired.

This sweater is a light pink with brown and maroon accents and is an open front fastened by two non-removable, non adjustable ties at the collar.

Obviously, sizing can vary significantly between brands – depending on the brand/style/size chart, this sweater is an approximate 3-6mo size.

The product tag is one of my old-style tags with hand-written product info as I am in process of moving and redirecting/rebranding my business – I will be using up both old and current tags as I contemplate ideas for moving forward.

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Weight .75 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 10 × 2 in


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