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Pygora Artisan Fiber Type B Light Grey – free shipping in USA ZOE

Sold by Wooly Sheep


Zoey is available in light grey in cloud preparation only. 16$/ounce  32 ounces available.

She’s the top doe, always watchful and careful.   The others observe her and follow.  If Zoey is happy, everyone is calm.  If she’s not – they are on the watch.  She keeps the herd safe and they trust her.  Her soft Type B fiber is in a light grey.  (It matches very closely the fiber of her herd mate Heidi.

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Pygora is a recognized U.S. goat breed with its own standards and shows.  It is becoming famous because artisan spinners love its cashmere-quality fiber.  These goats are bred from carefully chosen Angora and Pygmy stock.  A special quality is that these goats produce top quality fiber all their lives rather than coarsening over time.  They are a curious and gentle animal, medium sized and well suited to artisan herds on small farms.  They come in a variety of natural colors with the white taking color beautifully.  Smooth, soft, lustrous, this strong fiber can substitute for bamboo or silk in blends, and can make the finest lace-quality and non-itch baby items.  All cloud and roving are carefully dehaired by professional fiber processors.  Because the dropout is also very soft, it is the perfect choice for spinning core yarn, rug  yarn, and special craft projects.

Each goat produces a certain fiver type. Type A is longest and has an elegant curl with incredible luster.  Type C is the closest to cashmere with a fine denier, and incredible softness. Type B is of course, in the middle with lovely curl and softness. Type A’s produce the most fiber, Type C’s the least.  All types are amazingly soft and spin beautifully.

My closed herd consists of two unbred does (both Type B) and two wethers (one Type A, one Type C.)  This keeps them healthy and allows all their energy to go into making wonderful fiber.  I am delighted to work with the Artisan Fiber Market to sell this wonderful fiber to artisan spinners so that I can get your feedback on this lovely fiber.  I look forward to seeing what you make of it!  Thank you for spreading the word of Pygora Luxury Fiber.

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Weight .625 lbs
Dimensions 15 × 12 × .5 in


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