Raw Cotswold Curls


Beautiful raw Cotswold curls! This is a strong wool. Length can vary from 5″-8″ although most is between 7″-8″.  These fleeces were not coated, but the amount of vegetable matter is low. Each ounce will vary in appearance, vegetable matter, etc.  Sold by the ounce as it is pulled off of a fleece.

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Beautiful raw Cotswold curls! The first picture is an example of 1 ounce of curls. Each ounce will vary in appearance, vegetable matter, etc. They are ACRA Cotswolds, a rare heritage breed of longwool sheep. While the raw locks can look like gold, it washes white as snow. Cotswold wool has a luster and shine that really shows off dyes if you wish to color it. It’s wonderful for doll hair, Santa beards, felting, and so many more crafts! Length varies from approximately 5″ – 8″. Actual lock length of wool is measured by stretching it out tightly.

I’m a member of the Livestock Conservancy’s Shave ‘Em to Save ‘Em program.  Feel free to request your stamp if needed.

Purchased by the ounce. Thank you for supporting a heritage breed and a small farmer!

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