Amazing Abishaq, Rambouillet (French Merino) Wool


Wonderful Rambouillet wool from Abishaq.  $19.99 per pound. . This has very little VM with the tips being slightly dirty.

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Abashiq has beautiful “French Merino” (Rambouillet) wool.  With a 20.1 micron / 19.0 Spinning factor micron the wool is soft to the touch and perfect for next to skin items.  The wool has a comfort factor of 99.3% which is extremely high and is a testament to the uniformity of this wool.  The average staple length is 85 microns (about 3.5″).  This is wonderful soft wool with a beautiful crimp. Very soft – very very nice wool. We grade this as prime (our scale is Super prime, prime, good, less than prime, and utility) primarily because it does have a few dirty ends.  The wool is priced per pound.

At Mesta Meadows providing the best quality care for our sheep, and the best care of the wool they produce is extremely important.  As such, we are proud to announce that we have completed Level 1 certification for the American Wool Assurance certification.  We are currently working on level 2.  This certification is about achieving standards to provide the highest quality of wool possible.  We have also completed Level 1 certification for the Sheep Safety & Quality Assurance from the American Sheep Industry.  This certification is about providing the highest quality care possible for the amazing sheep that produce our wool.  We are also working on level 2 of this certification.

Shipping was fast and the fleece is just stunning! Almost no VM and absolutely gorgeous crimp. I cannot wait to spin this!”

Beautiful fiber! It is very white and spinning up wonderfully into lace weight yarn for a shawl.”

I bought some of Bathsheba’s wonderful fleece for my sister who spins. I don’t know much about fleece, but she does! She said that this wool must have come from the happiest of sheep because it is so strong and high quality. Said she could probably spin it without even worrying about carding or combing. I will be buying more (and not just for her)!”

This order was shipped promptly and the fleece was of an amazing quality! Barely any work needed to wash and prep!!”


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