Standard size Orifice Hooks


Custom handmade hooks for standard size orifices on your spinning wheel. 6″ from the tip of the brass hook to the end of the handle with a 3/8″ hook. A variety of hardwoods are available and more will be added.


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What started as a block of rosewood that my husband offered and I asked him to cut in half, turned into a project he ran with.  He glued up additional blanks to create striped wood handles as well.  He went above and beyond just cutting a block for me!  He takes a lot of pride in the shaping and finish of his wood products and has yet to meet a pretty wood he hasn’t loved.

Additional information

Weight .2 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 9 × 1 in
Wood Orifice Hook

Imbuya, Granadillo, Belliwood, Flamed Pearwwod, Pistachio, Pink Ivory and birdseye Maple, Koa -1, Koa -2, Monkeypod, Myrtle, Kingwood, Cross Grain Belliwood, Chechen, Desert Ironwood, Pyinma


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