Super Soft Rambouillet Yarn – Milled by Zeilinger Wool Mill


Very soft, naturally white, Rambouillet yarn. This is $24.99 per 4 oz skein.

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This beautiful French Merino Rambouillet wool is 2 ply, DK weight, 300 yard, 4 oz skein wool which was grown on Mesta Meadows farm and spun by Zeilinger wool mill. This is what our customers have had to say about this yarn:

So beautiful. I had thought about dyeing, but it is such a beautiful creamy color I changed my mind. It is almost luminescent! It will make a beautiful soft sweater. Exactly was I was hoping for. Rambouillet yarn can be so hard to find and very expensive. So very grateful for finding this yarn from happy French sheep living in Missouri. Thank you.”

This is my favorite yarn to put in the dye pot. I have never once felted this yarn after dying a dozen skeins with natural plant dyes. It is a joy to dye and takes the color extremely easily. It’s also a pleasure to knit – extremely soft and spun so well, I have never had a problem with split stitches. I very highly recommend this yarn.”


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Weight .25 lbs
Dimensions 11 × 8.5 × 1 in


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