Delightful Delphinium, Coated Cormo Wool


Beautiful Cormo wool from Delphinium.  This ewe was coated, and the fleece is very clean but does have some VM . $24.99 per pound.

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This is a wonderful Cormo wool which is rated as Super premium.  It is a very nice white, the ewe was coated, and has nice long crimpy fiber. Her Micron is 21.9 with a comfort factor of 96.5%, and a spinning micron of 21.1.  Her staple length is 100 mm. This is a wonderful wool for a next to the skin project or as a base for a dying project. Whether you are buying an single pound or the entire fleece – you will love this wool.  Priced per pound. This ewe was coated.

At Mesta Meadows providing the best quality care for our sheep, and the best care of the wool they produce is extremely important.  As such, we are proud to announce that we have completed Level 1 certification for the American Wool Assurance certification.  We are currently working on level 2.  This certification is about achieving standards to provide the highest quality of wool possible.  We have also completed Level 1 certification for the Sheep Safety & Quality Assurance from the American Sheep Industry.  This certification is about providing the highest quality care possible for the amazing sheep that produce our wool.  We are also working on level 2 of this certification. wool is an amazing, soft bouncy fiber. But don’t take our word for it – this is from one of our customers:

Cormo Wool! finest of wools. We are in the process of cleaning the wool. Some part is done. It came so clean and smooth, that the only thing left for us is to get the lanolin off, then we get brilliant white, soft, and smooth tufts. unbelievable! I showed these to the people who will dye them and spin them to thread, they said that they never handled such fine wool! The natural care that went into these sheep is noticeable at every step of the process.”

Cormo sheep originated in Australia and are a cross between Corriedale and Merino sheep.  If you haven’t spun this, you are in for a treat.  The wool is priced on a per-pound basis, but we are happy to ship multi-pound or entire fleece orders.

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Weight 1.25 lbs
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