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These wool winter hats are hand-knitted using commercially spun yarn (aka, yarn that did not come from this mill). My original plan for building my mill was to create all sorts of hand-made items and visit bazaars and craft fairs to sell them to earn money to purchase wool mill machines. That plan utterly failed for numerous reasons and now I have non-wool-mill inventory to list on this website.


These hats are all made with 100% wool yarn that is NOT superwash wool. If you wash these hats by machine, they WILL felt and shrink. Fun if that is your intent – not so fun if you like them with the size and texture they have now.

All the hats will fit a range of head sizes – sizes are approximate – please feel free to reach out and let me know if you have questions.

The Red/Brown/Multi-Colored Hat is the smallest hat in this category (at the moment). It is a child-sized hat and should fit a range of head sizes from approx. 16-20″. It is knitted with double-strands of yarn so it is also a thicker fabric/heavier texture with less stretch than the other two.

The Red Hat with the fancy knit pattern is the next largest hat and would probably be sized as a youth or teen size hat. It should comfortably fit heads in an 18-21″ range – it CAN fit a 22″ head as well, but it is a bit tight for this size of a head.

The Blue/Purple/Green Hat is the largest hat and would be considered a woman’s size hat and will fit heads from 19-22.5″


Additional information

Weight .3 lbs

Red/Brown/Multi-Color, Red, Blue/Green/Purple


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