Wool Felted Tree Ornaments


Handcrafted, Felted Christmas Tree Ornaments made with 100% Nevada-Grown Wool


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Tired of your glass ornaments shattering when they hit the floor? Eliminate glass baubles from your tree (or at least, the lower branches of your tree) this year with these unbreakable wool ornaments made from 100% Nevada-Grown wool. Carefully crafted by hand, the felting process ensures that each ornament is unique and one of a kind. Additionally, I recycle and reuse bits of ribbon, lace, etc. to create these – thus creating additional uniqueness for each ornament.

The larger ornaments are approx 12″ long from the top of the hanger to the end of the ribbon accents (this can vary) while the smaller ornaments are approx. 6″ from the top of the hanger to the bottom of the ribbon (can vary).

In creating the larger ornaments that are currently in stock, I had enough of the same ribbon to use for all of them – so they would be an ideal “matching” set – or buy them separately to have a unique decoration for your tree or home decor.

The smaller ornaments are perfect for mixing and matching styles and colors.

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Large Purple Striped Bell, Large Purple Striped Round, Large Blue Striped Bell, Large Blue Striped Round, Blue/Purple Silver Thread Beaded Diamonds, Blue w/ Yellow Rose/Red Flower, Blue/Purple w/ Stream of White Flowers, Blue/Dusty Rose Stripe with White Beads, Dusty Rose/lt Blue with Gold Ribbon Streamers, Blue Striped w/White Beads, Dusty Rose/Blue with Flower Streamers


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